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Why it is not a good idea to have a first appointment on the 14th of February

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In times of “dating apps”, the rules of the game in the dating world have changed. Each time there are more singles that use this kind of tools to get to know a potential partner. However, things change when it reaches a key date in the calendar: Valentine’s day.

About half of the users, in particular the 49%, they avoid actively arranging appointments through the app just in the so-called “day of lovers”. These figures, drawn from a survey among the users of the app to dating Badoo in Spain, justify this “ghosting” with a number of reasons. “I don’t want to seem desperate in search of love”, is the main justification for the 20% of the singles. For its part, the 16% of users would refuse to have an appointment on the 14th of February to avoid all that you can remember to “romanticism” and its situation sentimental. 22% simply consider that they would feel uncomfortable taking an appointment to meet someone precisely on that day. “I don’t feel good being single, so I prefer to avoid that situation on that day”, explained some singles.

Las razones por las que los solteros rechazan una cita en San Valentín
The reasons for singles to reject an appointment on Valentine’s day – Adobe Stock

“Valentine’s day used to consist of declarations of love and send anonymous letters to our crush. But, after a time, this day has become a day exclusively for couples to celebrate their relationships. This has led many singles to feel the pressure of planning their appointments,” says Paul Slim, Brand Marketing Director for Spain and Latin america, Badoo.

The refusal to have a first date on February 14 is such that, as shown by the poll of the app, the singles would prefer to be seen in other situations before that. Specifically, 23% would choose even that they stopped planted, give “like” accidentally in a photo on social media of a potential partner (22%), or forget the name of your appointment (21%). From the “dating app” are advised to have an appointment when it is most comfortable to you, without putting special attention to the date. “The most important thing is that you enjoy the process, take the time to lead”.

Translated from ABC News https://www.abc.es/bienestar/psicologia-sexo/sexualidad/abci-san-valentin-no-buena-idea-tener-primera-cita-14-febrero-202002140322_noticia.html

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