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Valentine’s day: ten romantic spots of Castilla y León (maybe) do not know to plead

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  • Garden of Calixto and Melibea (Salamanca)


    Fernando de Rojas, who lived between 1470 and 1541, he studied at the University of Salamanca, wrote The book “la Celestina” in 1502, and it is believed that this place inspired him to decorate some of the key passages of the novel, as when they meet their lovers, protagonists and also the tragic outcome. It is for this reason that the garden of Calixto and Melibea, with a beautiful view of the Cathedral of Salamanca as well as the banks of the Tormes, is very close to the romantic tradition.

  • Faedo of Adhered, in Lion


    If you believe in the magic of love is may be your place. The Faedo of Adhered is almost magical. This place in the Mountains of León is home to one of the beech trees more beautiful and better taken care of Spain. In addition to its comfortable ride and it breathes peace, as together with its centuries-old trees.Considered in 2007 the Forest of the Year and best taken care of by the organization “Forests without borders, is home to among one of those you have included in a catalogue of singular trees of over 500 years of life. Remind the locals that it was common for the young people of the village started in Faedo “to fall in love with the girls.”

  • Las Médulas in León


    The capricious forms that the time has been formed, as a result of erosion, and the reddish hue of its earth of which was the open-pit mining for excellence in the peninsula during the Roman Empire one of the most beautiful spots of the province of león. The charm is multiplied at sunset when the sunlight turns the stone into an explosion of colors orange, red, and violet.

  • Between books and to the foot of the wall, in Urueña (Valladolid)


    In a full region of Land of Fields, walls and medieval streets make Urueña one of the most beautiful of the province of Valladolid. Above the cobbled wall, is go to one of the most beautiful views of the vast countryside of valladolid and in addition, its quirky streets and hidden corners rich with culture, since for more than a decade, is the only Villa of the Book in Spain in Addition to each one of its narrow cobblestone streets.

  • Cold, in Burgos


    On top of the Hill of la Muela is one of the towns with more charm of the province of Burgos. There are several corners to highlight, among which is its medieval bridge or the castle of the Velasco family. Wander through its winding cobbled streets allows you to escape for a few moments the world and back centuries in time, a charm in addition to the preserved architecture to the old-fashioned way.

  • Laguna Negra (Soria)


    Scenario of”The Land of Alvargonzález”, legend machadiana for excellence, this dark and enigmatic lagoon, object of inspiration for many other writers, is one of the most beautiful spots of the provinciañ Bordered by endless forests of pine and beech trees of enormous size, the darkness of the waters gives rise to a romantic and mysterious landscape in which to get lost.

  • Pedraza, Segovia


    All the months of summer their already established Concerts of the Candles, to meet their third decade, this town of segovia one of the most beautiful destinations to visit in the afternoon. However, this medieval gem within an hour of Madrid is worth a visit at any time of the year. Its cobbled streets, its architecture of the period perfectly preserved, its silence and its pure air make this municipality to be one of the most beautiful in the province of Segovia.

  • San Salvador bang theory (Palencia)

    In the middle of the Mountains of Palencia, in the north of the province, lies the small municipality of San Salvador bang theory is a small village of the montaña palentina. The environment of the romanesque church, one of the purest of its style it is ideal, it is a corner idea to miss a couple.

  • Gredos and its heaven (Ávila)


    This valuable natural area of avila is one of the corners of the country recognized with the certificate of the target Starlight for its excellent conditions for astronomical observation and astrophotography. With the arrival of good weather, your altitude and minimal light pollution make this scenario a target idea to contemplate the sky in a couple. To facilitate the observation exists in Sierra de Gredos, a network of viewpoints stellar, which is displayed by the localities of San Martín del Pimpollar, Navarredonda de Gredos, Hoyos del Espino, Navalperal de Tormes, Santiago de Tormes, Zapardiel of the Shore, Navatejares, Puerto Castilla, and Shady Nava del Barco.

  • Translated from ABC News https://www.abc.es/espana/castilla-leon/abci-san-valentin-diez-rincones-romanticos-castilla-y-leon-quiza-no-conoces-para-declararse-202002140929_noticia.html

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