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How to know if you really follow a mediterranean diet

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The rhythms of life today and the ease with which we offer food ultraprocesados make us hard to carry on a mediterranean diet, the healthier diet, according to the experts. So what explains the doctor Ramón de Cangas, dietitian-nutritionist, and president of the Foundation Feeds your Health, in your guide “Mediterranean Diet, from theory to practice”

“The most recommended way to achieve a good nutritional status is to bet on a wide variety of foods in our diet,” explains the expert. “Eating different groups of food we get nutrients with specific functions, with the consequent positive impact, and the mediterranean diet is ideal for achieving this because it does not exclude any product,” he added.

The basis of this diet are vegetables, fruits, vegetables, dairy products, pulses and proteins in animals from fish, shellfish and, to a lesser extent, meat. For cooking, olive oil and in between a handful of nuts. “In addition, there is always room for whims and we can afford licenses from time to time,” says the author of the guide.

On the other hand, the mediterranean diet recommends eating between four and six glasses of water a day. In addition, you may be assessed a moderate consumption of fermented beverages (beer, wine, sparkling wine or cider) as long as a responsible option for healthy adults.

“A good diet, adequate rest, and exercise routinely and maintain social relations healthy also helps to prevent chronic disease and maintain quality of life,” says the nutrition expert. “Eating and drinking is an essential fact, and everyday life, but, unfortunately, an inadequate environment and an unhealthy lifestyle can seriously impair the health” impact.

Mediterranean diet and health: scientific evidence

Major projects such as PREDIMED (Prevention with Mediterranean Diet) and PREDIMED-PLUS, the largest research project on nutrition carried out at national and international level, have yielded results highly favorable to the mediterranean dietary pattern in terms of health, cardio-metabolic and body weight. The PREDIMED study notes that the beneficial effects of the mediterranean diet are achieved through the mix of foods, so it is important to focus on feeding patterns and not on specific products.

This includes a varied diet which is dominated by the consumption of vegetables, fruits, legumes and vegetables, as well as whole-grain cereals, fish, white meats, nuts , and olive oil. It also indicates that a moderate consumption of fermented beverages, like beer, is always in healthy adults, it could improve the lipid profile and promote the absorption of polyphenols, a type of antioxidants present in the fermented beverages and other foods of plant origin.

In addition, there are numerous epidemiological studies relating the mediterranean dietary pattern with physiological benefits to our body, prevention of chronic diseases, cardiovascular and metabolic disorders. On the other hand, several investigations have also suggested that adherence to this diet can help to prevent weight gain and, in addition, allows a distribution of body fat is less harmful for our body. To reduce the increase of abdominal obesity and, obviously, reducing body weight and visceral fat, this has a positive impact on certain markers of cardiovascular risk.

Translated from ABC News https://www.abc.es/bienestar/alimentacion/dietas-saludables/abci-como-saber-si-realmente-sigo-dieta-mediterranea-202002150226_noticia.html

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