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Blow police to a criminal organization that faked credit cards

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Updated:15/02/2020 10:33hrs

The National Police has informed on Saturday the dismantling of a criminal organization origin nigerian specialized in the forgery of bank cards, Internet fraud, falsification of documents and money laundering. Its 36 members have been arrested for a fraud that exceeds the million and a half euros and whose affected reside in a total of 37 countries.

This investigation is the result of the strategy designed by the National Police to combat the criminal networks engaged in the commission of all crimes against property via the Internet and that, joined to the rest of the investigations carried out during the year 2019, has allowed it to scuttle 32 organizations or criminal groups, with more than 300 detainees in all the Spanish territory.

Operation Market was initiated after a comprehensive analysis of operations with bank cards sold in specialized forums of carding, which refers to the illegitimate use of credit cards belonging to other people, with the aim of obtaining property by doing fraud with them. This same analysis was also carried out in the underground market darkweb, that is how it is known to the content that can be found in the different networks that can only be accessed with specific programs.

The researchers came up with a point of commitment of matching in the online platform of a well-known supermarket. Systematically, the establishment supported illegal actions having been violated all their procedures of application, verification and issuance of bank cards and, as a consequence, had been issued to more than 70 bank cards fraudulent, with which he had carried out a fraud of more than € 1,500,000.

In a first phase, we provided documentation with different false identities for the issuance of bank cards to the financial issuer of the payment card. Subsequently, once received in the homes under the control of the investigation, it was produced by the fraudulent use of cards by depleting the existing credit on them.

Finally, the offenders they would fertilize the debt generated online, providing numbering of bank cards of foreign origin fraudulent obtained in the private forums of the internet, as well as in the deep web and the darknet. It is as well as citizens of 37 countries as disparate as Panama, Malaysia, or China or Colombia have been affected by this fraud.

To sell in the secondary market for these products had profiles on the major social networks and platforms of sale between private individuals, in which the speeches were offered at prices significantly lower than the original.

Among the measures brought by the organization to avoid being detected by researchers are the use of false identity documents, different techniques to make anonymous your internet activities or the completion of purchases from abroad. All this in an attempt to make virtually impossible the tracing of their activities by agents of the authority.

The judicial organ instructor provided input and record simultaneously in six homes of the main investigated are scattered throughout the province of Madrid, as well as the arrest and bringing to justice of the main collaborators, carried out a total of 36 arrests. The registrations have recovered numerous technology products, high-end purchased fraudulently, as well as cash, forged documents and computer equipment dedicated to this facet of crime. Also have been involved documents of internal accounting employed by the members of the organization.

During the past year, the National Police carried out a number of operations related to this same criminal typology, with a result of 32 organizations or criminal groups have been disbanded and more than 300 people arrested.

Translated from ABC News https://www.abc.es/economia/abci-golpe-policial-organizacion-criminal-falsificaba-tarjetas-credito-202002151033_noticia.html

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