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The white mark will grow back: these are the products that stand out for their quality and price

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MADRID Updated:15/02/2020 01:46h

The timing mark or white mark returned to growth among Spanish consumers in 2019. Thus, these products reached a market share of 37.7% after growing by 1.5%, as seen in the “Balance of the Distribution, and the Large Consumption of 2019” by Kantar. In addition, the average expenditure in the marks distribution among the spaniards has risen by 164 euros in 10 years. Since the consultant explained this new “log shipping from the exclusive brands by the higher penetration in the market, Mercadona and “the growth in Spain of the models of Lidl and Aldi as they are chains that prioritize their own products over those of manufacturer brands.

The brand products of distribution are, therefore, increasingly valued enrtre the spaniards. If we enter into the comparator of food of the Consumer Organization OCU find products of white mark on the top by their high ratio between quality and low price. In this sense, we look for the timing marks highlighted in the latest categories:

Iberian ham slicing: an analysis of the OCU is seen that in the category of ham in slices of bellota 100% iberian race the is the ham gourmet Club El Corte Inglés 100% iberian acorn. On the other hand, in the category of ham in slices of acorn-50% iberian breed the brand of The Corte Inglés occupies the second place. We also find several brands of distribution in the category of ham slicing bait 50% iberian breed: Realvalle Lidl (2nd), Sierra Loyalists (88), Auchan (4th) and The Charcuterie of Mercadona (5th)

Olive oil: In the comparator of the OCU included in this category are timing marks from the second place score. Here we find oils of mark white as the Carrefour Extra Virgin (2nd), Landowner Large Selection of Mercadona (3rd), Auchan of Alcampo (4) or of The English Court (5th).

Yoghurt with strawberry: the conclusions of The analysis of the organization of consumers to conclude that the first four positions in function of the nutritional quality of the total products of white mark by this order: Eroski low-fat yoghurt with strawberries, Milbona Lidl-line low-fat yoghurt with strawberry, Landowner of Mercadona linnea V low-fat yoghurt with strawberry and The English Court of nonfat yogurt with strawberry pieces.

Gazpacho and salmorejo: The four best gazpacho packaged selected by the OCU were Chef Select Traditional Lidl, Allied Traditional of The English Court, Landowner Andalusian Mercadona and El Corte Inglés Traditional. For its part, in the list of salmorejos of better quality, the white mark is present in an interleaved manner from the second position: Landowner Salmorejo-style cordoba, Mercadona (2), The Garden of Landowner Salmorejo Fresh Mercadona (3rd), Eroski Salmorejo (6th), The English Court of Salmorejo (6th) or Chef Select Salomorejo Traditional Lidl (7th).

Slices of turkey cooked: as with the ham, the percentage the percentage of meat each product varies between 50% and 95% and it is advisable to review it well before choosing the brand. In the OCU highlighted the quality of some signs of distribution as the Delicato of Aldi (1) or Real Valley of Lidl (3rd).

Fillets of hake, frozen: In this classification also include the following brands: Carrefour fillets of hake of the cape (2nd), Eroski basic-filetes of hake basic (3) or Allied fillets of hake of The English Court (5th).

Milk semidesnatadas: This category leads a milk-white brand: the Hacendado (Mercadona). In the first five classified in function of the quality also include other distribution companies such as Consum (3rd), Eroski (4th )or The English Court (6th).

Masses pre-cooked: In this case, the white marks leading the list: Eroski mass of pasty (1), Auchan mass of pie rectangular Alcampo (2nd) and Landowner dough rectangular Mercadona (3rd).

Translated from ABC News https://www.abc.es/economia/abci-marca-blanca-vuelve-crecer-estos-productos-destacan-calidad-y-precio-202002150146_noticia.html

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