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Updated:20/02/2020 02:04h

You can’t say that has been an unexpected surprise. The questioning of the immigration policy of Great Britain has been a part of since the beginning of the saga of the Brexit understood as that calimocho identity that combines equal parts of a deep sense of grievance and a deep sense of superiority. The result is a cocktail nostalgic that is especially toxic to pigeonhole as a foreign parasite that come from outside with the desire to work in the Uk.

The own Boris Johnson has insisted during his successful election campaign in which “too long ago that immigrants from the Eu are treating the Uk as if it were his country.” Not lack reason in a sense: without the work of all the professionals trained in european countries such as Spain could not continue to operate the National Health Service (NHS) whose public benefits are so proud of the british. Without forgetting, of course, the cruel frame-up that the NHS should be one of the big beneficiaries of the Brexit.

In spite of everything, the new cabinet of Johnson has confirmed its intention to impose additional limitations on visa applicants to work in the Uk. The new system, supposedly inspirational australian, will be based on points in order to give priority to applicants with skills desirable for the british economy. All in all, a system based on merit points does not mean much in itself. Since the one who makes the schedule, it makes the trap.

We return, as he argued recently, “The Atlantic”, the Brexit as a reflection of all these fundamental issues that plague today States: How to stay prosperous and sovereign in a global economy? How do you keep the power corrective of a national democracy within the supranational institutions? How citizens can retain control over their lives and livelihood in a world where more and more issues (such as immigration) are perceived as out-of-control national policy?

Pedro RodríguezPedro RodriguezCollaboratorPedro Rodríguez

Translated from ABC News https://www.abc.es/internacional/abci-pedro-rodriguez-calimocho-identitario-202002200204_noticia.html

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