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“It makes No sense to thwart the option of go together,”

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Madrid Updated:20/02/2020 02:05

Can there be a coalition in the Basque Country and not in Galicia?

Circumstances similar that would justify that there would be an agreement in the three and under a formula, the electoral coalition, which is the one that is invented. While this option is perfectly accepted by the PP in the Basque Country and in Catalonia, in Galicia, the PP, and in particular the lord Feijóo, has given a no answer. We do not understand.

What Arrimadas spoke yesterday with Feijóo? Is there hope to convince you?

The hope is the last thing you lose. Until you have possibilities, are going to have confidence in that Feijóo and the PP understand that it makes no sense to thwart the possibility of going together to deal with the nationalism.

If there is no coalition, how you will present your own list in Galicia?

Citizens have to be in the regional elections in all the territories. It is a national party and it would be difficult to understand that a national party that governs in Spain for twenty million inhabitants, which is four regional governments, is not in some regional elections because a party tells you don’t have to be.

In the PP say that the negotiation can be followed to integrate the leaders of Cs in their lists.

In a coalition is agreed a common programme and all matters in which we disagree can be defended by each party with autonomy. When you are integrated in the list of another party, that seems quite complicated. This is the question that Cs cannot accept. That would be like saying that Cs in Galicia does not exist. This is not that Cs is integrated or diluted in the PP. We have to have an autonomy.

Feijoo says that the coalition subtracted.

What I don’t understand is why the coalition subtracted, and why the integration proposed in their lists sum. Why you can not do in Galicia, what the PP is willing to do in Catalonia and in the Basque Country? Feijóo says it as a statement, but there is no argument.

If the PP says it is not in Galicia, what drián you in Catalonia?

They are not called elections in Catalonia, but we have not asked the PP which is included in our list in spite of getting more than a million votes of difference in past elections. Why. For the same reason that we have argued for not accepting what you are putting the lord Feijóo on the table.

Translated from ABC News https://www.abc.es/espana/abci-no-tiene-sentido-frustrar-opcion-juntos-202002200205_noticia.html

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