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A thousand Alcoa workers protesting the statute electrointensivo Government

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Lugo Updated:26/02/2020 16:01h

Almost a thousand people, the majority of workers of the factory, the multinational Alcoa has in A Mariña, traveled today to Lugo to protest against the statute of consumers electrointensivos submitted by the Government because, in his opinion, will lead to the closure of the plant, so as to require the Executive to “rectify” and take note of your allegations.

Alcoa workers came to the capital of lugo, to the board of at least seven buses chartered by the own committee of the company and by the municipalities of Cervo and Xove, the two municipalities in which it is established the own factory for the production of aluminum.

About ten in the morning, they regrouped in the vicinity of the bus station of Lugo, in the Praza da Constitución, and after a banner that you could read the message “Peche Non. Collision energy, Solution,” and a score of crosses, began their journey, which ended in the piazza San marco, in front of the headquarters of the Provincial Council of Lugo.

Throughout the journey, they were chanting slogans such as “Energy solution”, “Alcoa saves fighting” and “Socialist mumbo-jumbo”, while displaying signs that he could read messages such as “I live in aluminum” and “Alcoa is not closed”.

At the front door of the Manor of San Marcos, the president of the Provincial council of Lugo, José Tomé, accompanied by other members of the provincial government, received the representatives of the committee of the company, including its president, José Antonio Zan, but lived moments of some tension when dozens of protesters broke into the building itself, the cry of “socialist mumbo-jumbo”.

Finally, José Tomé and José Antonio Zan were able to speak in one of the dependencies of the general registry of the Provincial council of Lugo, where the president of the Council conveyed to the representative of the workers with the support of the provincial government and the institution itself to their demands.

In statements to the media, Jose Antonio Zan clarified that “the draft statute that have been raised not served, makes it very bad to the entire industry of Galicia and the north of Spain,” because “have gotten in the sack to many.”

“It is as if we want all the Spanish students have scholarships, and then lowered very much the level of the studies, so that instead of rolling a nine, have to take a six; and at the same time we reduce the money allocated for scholarships. At the end we give scholarships to all the spaniards, one euro of grant to each one, but the one that really needs it to study, it’s not going to be able to study,” he explained.

According to Zan, that is what is going to happen with the electro-intensive industries, because in the end, those who do need aid in order to have a price of energy competitive, with the current project of statute, “not going to have”, which makes companies such as Alcoa are “in a very difficult time to get ahead.”

The obstinacy of the minister

In addition, he recalled that “the political parties in Galicia are in agreement”, as well as the governments of the regional Government, the Principality of Asturias and Cantabria, so the Government should leave aside “the obstinacy of the minister” and do “event to all agents that are calling for a statute of companies in electro-intensive” that will serve to cheapen the price of energy.

“It is in the air the future and the prosperity of a whole region. The survival of the whole of To Mariña lucense and also of Lugo, because in the end we pay a series of taxes to help Social Security, which in this province there is a deficit, less deficit, because wages and the movement of capital of this factory, we pick up a third of the provincial economy,” he said. The “more than 700 million to move a year in raw materials is a great idea for any province,”settled.

He also recalled the chairman of the committee of the company, that the workers are still waiting for “the answer to Paul’s Churches and of the leaders of we Can, because before you came to manifest himself to our side and, right now, say nothing and give no answer”.

Translated from ABC News https://www.abc.es/economia/abci-millar-trabajadores-alcoa-protestan-estatuto-electrointensivo-gobierno-202002261549_noticia.html

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