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The free course from Yale to be happy in times of coronavirus

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Now that we have more time at home due to the crisis of the cronavirus and it is essential to take care of our body and mind, we are constantly looking for activities and courses to cope with the greatest ease possible. Within all the activities offered by social networks these days – workout routines, concerts online, collective readings– it may be time to look in our interior.

To do this, in times like these in which many times it is difficult to see the situation with perspective and in a positive way, that may be an ideal option to register to a course. And we’re not going to find any more useful that the free course offered by the university of Yale in order to understand and achieve happiness.

The course, “The science of well-being”, was created two years ago professor of psychology Laurie Santos, who explained recently in the american chain CNN that now is the perfect time to do it, because “we are at an extraordinary moment in which, not only do we face a health crisis, but to a myriad of consequences to our mental health.”

The professor of Yale, who argues that currently science is focused on cultivating practices to improve our wellbeing and our happiness, recommends the course, since this “tragic event in which we are living” can be an opportunity to, over the next few weeks, to rethink our life, our routines and be able to brindrarle to our brain for a happier life.

To find happiness, understood

By watching their students, the teacher realized that the young people dealt with various mental health problems and “the national trend showed that the cases were going to worse”. So he decided to create the course, which offers a glimpse of the interior of the psychology and neuroscience behind happiness.

“Our minds lie to us constantly: we believe that we are afraid to make big changes in our life to be more happy,” explained Santos to CNN, which added that, on the other hand, it is true that there are quand small acts in our lives, “as the focus on living in the present , or to have gratitude towards others”, which may imply a great change.

“Many people believe that happiness will come if they find a better job, a partner more attractive or if you buy a bigger house, but the scientific literature does not support that idea”, he commented. “Happiness is found in the most simple of tasks”, he said.

Catie Henderson, a student of 29 years, explained to CNN of his experience in the course. The girl, who studied philosophy in college, came to the course looking to learn and develop their knowledge, and explained that this served to “deconstruct the conceptions that I had created on the happiness, as well as change the way I saw it, the achievement of this. “To have the job of your dreams do not bring happiness, this should be built through habits, “explained the student, who added: “Connecting with other people is very important, but connecting with yourself is just as important”.

Henderson said that when he finished the course really “felt more happy”, but that the most important lesson was to realize that happiness is under our control and it is not a matter of chance.

Translated from ABC News https://www.abc.es/bienestar/psicologia-sexo/psicologia/abci-curso-gratis-yale-para-feliz-tiempos-coronavirus-202003260354_noticia.html

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