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Feijóo announces more hires in the Sergas, more purchase of material and tax deferral

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SANTIAGO Updated:26/03/2020 13:41h

The president of the Xunta, Alberto Núñez Feijóo, to appear this Thursday before the Standing committee of the Parliament of galicia, which is celebrated in an extraordinary way in the chamber Or Barn to the security measures imposed by the pandemic of the coronavirus. The session has been opened after a minute of silence decreed by the president of the chamber, Miguel Santalices, in memory of the deceased by Covid-19 and to send a message of encouragement to those who suffer from the disease.

Feijóo, has announced the adoption of new measures to tackle the pandemic, which will be activated this Friday in a new meeting of the Board. In the first place, other € 7 million to pay for contracts made in the Sergas and authorize the purchase of more material protection and test extraction and diagnosis can be achieved. “All, absolutely all, of all the houses and all the references,” he underlined.

In the second place, it reinforces the personal with the recruitment of other 145 physicians and 22 nurses who are completing their residencies. In addition to the first process, in total will have joined the Sergas, who were now 39,000 professionals, and others, 358. Investment of 22.3 million, in such a way that “never before have there been more professional in the Sergas, and now you have even more.”

In the economic, will be suspended the time limits for the filing of taxes, both property transfer, such as inheritance tax and taxes of the game. The payouts will not be submitted until the 30th of June, and even extended if it lengthens the current state of alarm. Also, it is activated by a specific plan to provide liquidity to the treasury of Galicia, to compensate for the fall in the collection of taxes autonomic and speed up the payments of invoices to all suppliers. Also will have an impact on the economic measures, with an emphasis on the collective of the self-employed.

In parallel, Feijóo has made multiple appeals to the groups of the opposition to convey an “image” to the height of a “situation without precedent in history, so hard, so hard”, recalling that the daily sessions will be a witness for generations to come. “All the galician society is responding, and I hope that today all of the representatives here we are at their height”. Provide propuetas and add “unit” to which the galicians are proud to have been the appeal of the president. “I wish I understanding now continue and prevails over any interest in electoral and partisan”. “There can be No caniddaturas neither candidates nor colours or acronyms. Here we are all one: Galicia”, has been expressed. It would be “incomprehensible and also unacceptable” act another way.

Feijóo has stepped up his appeal to “unity and work together” because “today more than ever,” the Parliament is the sounding board of the people, the speaker’s institutional Galicia”, the reflection of the “virtues of citizenship together.” In parallel, he recalled that “coming weeks very hard in the field of health”, but “Galicia, as throughout spain, will recover. Did so and so will. We do not have the hand, but all take a hand in reducing the risk. We can not embrace but we are more united than ever”.

Sure that they will remember these days with “triesteza” but also with “pride”, as has passed in the last few days, also that “will the good days”, Feijóo has had words of encouragement for the elderly: “you are Not nor estareís alone. You have your very close, you have to the Government and to all the conellos, the Government of Spain and to all the parties that we are here and you have a whole country with you. Soon we will be again at your side”.

Translated from ABC News https://www.abc.es/espana/galicia/abci-coronavirus-galicia-feijoo-anuncia-mas-contrataciones-sergas-mas-compra-material-y-aplazamiento-impuestos-202003261337_noticia.html

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