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Guaidó announced an aid of $ 20 million to combat the coronavirus

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Updated:26/03/2020 05:01h

The opposition leader of Venezuela Juan Guaidó announced on Wednesday the delivery of 20 million dollars, from accounts”bailed out by the Government in charge”, to international bodies for attention in the country of the pandemic by COVID-19.

“We have managed to recover 20 million dollars to be awarded and administered by multilateral agencies international, which deliver directly the help they need in Venezuela“, said the opposition, in a statement shared on social networks.

Guaidó, recognized as the interim president of Venezuela by around fifty nations, explained that this money comes from “accounts rescued” by the opposition, without giving details about it, nor can you specify to which accounts relates.

This assistance, he said, will “allow the provision of protective equipment” for health care professionals, to collaborate with the restoration of water service is irregular in some hospitals and help with products such as hand sanitizers “that are needed”.

The opposition has set as a condition of “indispensable” that these resources “do not pass by the handling of the usurper (president Nicolas Maduro) or their accomplices” because, ” he said, chavez would steal and extorsionaría as it has done “in recent years”. “To ensure that aid actually reaches those most in need, must be addressed to agencies, serious and responsible,” he insisted.

Announced the appointment of the deputies Carlos Berrizbeitia and Juan Pablo Guanipa to coordinate any international aid that is allocated to combat the pandemic in the country. “No financial institution, serious, international will pay the millions that are needed while you are a corrupt dictatorship and a drug trafficker in the power (…) can we get support but the Armed forces should remove the obstacles”, he continued.

The Executive chavez has so far received help from China and Russia, its biggest political ally and trade, but has also requested a loan for $ 5 billion to the International Monetary Fund (IMF), which still has not been achieved.

Guaidó noted that the country is not prepared for a pandemic but said willing to do “whatever it takes to stop the suffering” of the venezuelans, but then he dismissed the intention of getting a new dialog with the chavez Government.

“Are these international organizations that make life in Venezuela who define priorities in distribution, final allocation of this support, to ensure its transparency to make it reach to those who really need it”, he added.

Translated from ABC News https://www.abc.es/internacional/abci-guaido-anuncia-ayuda-20-millones-dolares-para-combatir-coronavirus-202003260501_noticia.html

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