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Sanchez manages to extend the state of alarm, with the support of PP and Vox but with rain of criticism

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Madrid Updated:26/03/2020 02:16h

As expected, the Congress has just extended the state of alarm for fifteen more days to stop the epidemic of the coronavirus.

The vote has finished with 321 votes in favour (PSOE, United we Can, PP, VOX, Cs, PNV, Navarra Sum, CC, New Canary, More Country, Compromís, PRC, Teruel Exists, BNG, Forum Asturias), 28 abstentions (CKD, Junts, Bildu, CUP), and no vote against. 1 deputy has not voted.

The socialists have not been so with the support of their partners independence to tackle the most important measure to curb the increased emergency health, economic and social democracy.

This has been the first ballot a majority of telematics of the history of democracy since that 307 mps have followed the plenary, and to exercise their vote from a distance in order to comply with the restrictions imposed in the alarm state.

The overwhelming majority that has obtained the extension has not been exempt, however, from criticism. The Congress has raised the pressure on the president of the Government, Pedro Sanchez, since most genetic groups have demanded the adoption of more measures to slow down more quickly the contagion, and to dampen the drama of economic.

A total of six parliamentary groups reported their proposals for resolution prior to the session, even though the texts amounted in total to seven as the Group Plural, submitted two different proposals. In addition to this training, recorded proposals Vox, Cs, ERC, PNV and Bildu.

The pro-independence Catalan and basque (CKD, Bildu, CUP and Junts) has ordered the total shutdown of the business activity is not essential. In the case of Junts has demanded in addition a greater margin of decision for the Generalitat against the pandemic.

And is that even among the parties who have voted in favour of the extension has come to the fore the critical. The PP has requested a follow-up committee of the crisis while Vox has been demanded to apply a 155 covert to Catalonia and withdraw all powers to the Generalitat. Citizens have demanded a daily evaluation on the compliance of the containment measures , and review of the activities that continue to maintain their activity. From coalición Canaria, his spokeswoman Ana Oramas has gone to the Press which will request the opening of an investigation once the emergency health.

The extension of the state of alarm has been the last point of a session has also approved the compensation package from the ravages of coronavirus, the repeal of the dismissal by low repeated and subsidies to farmers.

Translated from ABC News https://www.abc.es/espana/abci-sanchez-logra-prorrogar-estado-alarma-apoyo-pp-y-pero-lluvia-criticas-202003260204_noticia.html

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