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The dense smoke and flames spread on Tuesday across the Vega de Acá and Nueva Almería, in the zone of Camino Jaúl Bajo.
The fire, reported in a field of reeds and bushes near the Mediterranean Clinic, spread rapidly due to strong…


Since the beginning of the summer there have been about 2,000 prosecutions

The twenty Policia Locale in Mojacar are having their numbers increased to 50 at weekends by officers from Vicar, Huércal-Overa, Cuevas del Almanzora and Nijar

They have been deployed in the town since late July in order to dissuade teenagers who drink in public, a common practice among younger drinkers during the holiday period.

Three years ago the City Council approved an ordinance banning drinking on the streets, in other open spaces and on beaches, from the beginning of summer months. Mojacar residents said they had grown tired following a series of incidents in the town resulting from the practice, as the noise produced by these groups went on until the early hours of the morning. In addition to the noise there was an unacceptable amount of mess generated throughout the town, as well as broken street furniture, park benches, frequent urination and vomiting in many public spaces.

It was thought that holidaymakers were being put off coming to the town, which is regularly chosen by many families as a holiday destination, by the actions of these youngsters and as such tourism was beginning to suffer. In order to control the situation the deployment of the additional officers was agreed from Cuevas del Almanzora, Huércal-Overa, Nijar and Vicar.

“We appreciate the solidarity of the municipalities of Almeria, where policemen are moving to Mojacar, especially at weekends, when more people are concentrated in our municipality. Our intention is simply to stop illegal drinking and the problems caused by it. In fact, since we have reinforced the police presence we have seen a significant reduction in the number of groups wandering around the town, especially in the area of bars, carrying bags with drinks inside, “says the mayor of the PP, Rosa María Cano .

As well as the additional police, the action, which will involve a cost to the municipal budget of about € 75,000 includes hiring a number of vehicles that the officers need to move around in. Since the beginning of the summer there have been about 2,000 prosecutions related to this practice as well as misuse of the beaches and public spaces. Drinking in public carries an automatic financial penalty of 100 euros.

But the police efforts relate not only to the eradication of the bottle, they are also in place to try to combat the problems associated with excessive noise that prevents residents from sleeping, as well as the creation of additional mess, vomiting and urination, which also increases spending on personnel and material for cleaning.


When a person is sick the first thing he does is go to the doctor who is expected to listen and observe the patient to be able to help and heal him, but what if the doctor does not know what he is saying and does not understand the language?
What if …


The new expansion works at Carboneras docks were completed last week by the Port Authority of Almería leading to an increased capacity in the number of vessels the harbour is now able to accommodate.
A ceremony to mark the occasion was carried …


A British couple has been detained in La Línea, Cadiz, for cultivating Cannabis. They have been named as 25 year-old J.M.L.V and his companion, 24 year-old L.M.F.M.
The UDYCO police unit from La Línea worked with the Torreguardiaro Civi…


First town to deal with its illegal houses under the Regularization Decree (2/2012) runs into difficulty as 14 out of 17 proposed urban settlements rejected by the Regional Government
In March 2012 the provincial town of Albox (pop. 11,000) became the…


Mass for the unborn was held last Monday at  Torrecárdenas.

Following the loss of their unborn baby, a family of Bolivian origin has filed a complaint against the 061 emergency service for alleged negligence after a woman, who was eight months pregnant, hit her head after fainting in her bath. They say that the attendants failed to achieve the level of care required by the lady and her baby following the incident.

The woman’s husband, Freddy, explained to the local press how events unfolded. “My wife Sara was in pain and while she was in the bath she fainted and hit her head on the side. I told my brother to help and call an ambulance. Three paramedics arrived and began to examine my wife. Although she was almost unconscious they said that it was normal in pregnancy.

Depending on the version of events that you listen to the medical attendants allegedly diagnosed a nervous complaint that did not require transfer to the hospital and they left her in the care of her family. However, shortly afterwards the woman fainted for a second time so once again the husband called the emergency services asking that his wife be transferred to the hospital.

The emergency services are alleged to have ignored this second requests saying that although the woman was complaining of fainting and back pain it was just a reaction to her pregnancy. She then suffered a third fainting fit, convulsions and vomiting and was immediately taken to Torrecárdenas hospital by the brother in his own car

On arrival at Torrecárdenas Hospital, Sara was said to be “almost unconscious.” Doctors immediately attended to her transferring her to the operating theatre where she underwent exploratory surgery during which she lost her unborn baby.
“The family is devastated. My wife is crying all day. We had the pram, the crib … everything for the baby’s arrival which was due on August 20, ” said Freddie sadly.

The Bolivian community in Almeria held a minute’s silence in the Amphitheatre of La Rambla last week at which they are said to have reprimanded the medical team. A mass was held for the baby last Monday night following which the baby was buried locally.

Health Officials confirmed the existence of a claim and a legal complaint which they say was received on August 4. However, they chose not to make any statement because the matter is already in court but they did stress that they are fully cooperating in the investigation and will provide the court with all information and data required.