Central government has confirmed that the cost of renaming El Altet airport to Alicante-Elche Airport, will be 50,000 euros and that the ilicitanos must bear the cost of replacing the signage.

The announcement was made in a reply given by the National Executive to a written question to Congress raised by Rep. Gabriel Echávarri PSOE Alicante.

In the letter the Central Government said that Aena Airports assess the cost at 50,000, euros and they already have the agreement of Elche Ayuntamiento.

Councillor Antonio Luis Martinez-Pujalte said last April that the airport management had estimated the cost as up to 50,000 euros, but this was the “maximum amount” and it was hoped that the final cost could be closer to 40,000 euros. The council has since taken steps and is now hopeful that the costs will be met by local business.

In another question raised by Echávarri the Ministry of Public Works says that the new name of the airport, Alicante-Elche, will be consistent with the criteria laid down by the International Civil Aviation Organization.

The name change was first requested by the former socialist mayor, Alejandro Soler, but the project was deferred. However, it was revived following the election of the new government, and last September a letter was sent to the Minister of Development, Ana Pastor, and President of AENA President Jose Manuel Vargas Gomez, requesting that the airport be renamed in Alicante-Elche.

It was in February when the request was given the green, on the understanding that the City council assume the costs. It is hoped that all of the new signage will be in place before the holidays in August.

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