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The Mayor of Estepona has given orders for the culling of cats in the town.

On Facebook this has been denied, with him saying that" he has not ordered the removal of a single cat but have contacted the Protective Association who is committed to the relocation of surplus cats"

We all know that the "relocation" means the killing station. A middle aged Spanish man approached my friends and I last week in tears because he had been handed a paper by saying that if his 5 cats werent removed, they were coming the next day to take them away.

Do you think these cats, who he was feeding and who had been neutered, at great expense and time, by a small cat charity, Gatos Y amigos who last year neutered over 500 cats, are surplus??? How can they differentiate between the cats.

This mans cats are wanted and loved. Many people who are feeding cats in the area say that the number of cats has decreased. Where are these animals? Already disposed of in these terrible places? Was any warnings given to the people of Estepona, so that the domestic cats could be protected by their owners?

Estepona looks such a pretty town, so many flowers, but this is just to attract the tourists. Underneath, its not to pretty.

Please contact the Ayuntamiento and ask these questions. Dont be put off.

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