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Sinceramente, a estas alturas, ¿alguien puede creerse que el Sr Page pueda cerrar el grifo del trasvase Tajo-Segura? ¿Alguien puede creerse que el Sr. Más tiene la capacidad de romper España? Si algo está claro es que…


The Butterfly Children Charity are walking along the Mar Menor to raise funds for research into Butterfly Skin (E.B.).

These children suffer from, Epidermolysis Bullosa (EB). This is a rare, chronic and incurable disease, often described as “The worst disease you have never heard about.”

Characterised by extreme fragility of the skin, even the lightest touch causes blisters and very painful open wounds.

Help us to help these children with butterfly skin

You can: – Participate in the sponsored walk or donate & you could win a share of a Euro millions Lottery

Walk Start Time Distance Finish of Walk
Lo Pagan from 09.30 25 Kms Paddy Singh’s bar
Airport 12.00 15 Kms Estrella de Mar
Hotel Costa Narajos 13.00 10 Kms 5 pm Buffet & Entertainment
Rambla del Albujon 14.30 5 Kms 8 pm return transport for walkers

Contact details for Sponsorship forms Euromillion Cards

Bernard Ash Tel: 968134355 or 659751611. E-mail:- bernardhelpmmm@gmail.com

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Moreno handed over a report listing 45 proposals that are needed to improve Cabo Roig, Campoamor and Aguamarina

The Federation of Orihuela Costa (FAOC) met last Friday with the mayor of Beaches and international residents, Sofia Alvarez, and the new Head of Urban Cleanliness, Noelia Grao, putting to them the many complaints that are repeatedly brought up by the residents of the coast.

In a statement the spokesman of the group, Thomas Moreno, said that they wanted to highlight “the sorry state of neglect and filth that residents and holidaymakers have to regularly endure in the area,” and to make the point they handed over a report listing 45 proposals that are needed to improve Cabo Roig, Campoamor and Aguamarina.

Many of the grievances revolve around the lack of cleanliness, “but there are other demands,” he said, from the thousands of people who either reside permanently on the coast or the tourists who choose it as a destination for their holidays.

Speaking about the lack of cleanliness Moreno said that “dirt prevails throughout the area, especially near the large stores run by the Chinese” where rubbish is left lying around, and where the pavements and roads are always filthy in the absence of the necessary water pressure cleaning. “

“That same lack of cleanliness is evident in other areas, which need to be cleaned far more often than is presently the case, and where the rubbish bins also need to be thoroughly cleaned to avoid foul odors, especially with the summer heat.”

He also criticised the lack of regular fumigation, pests, mosquitoes, cockroaches and rodents which are attracted by the rubbish lying around in the streets and which pose health problems to local residents.

The question of pruning the area’s palm trees was also raised with Moreno saying that regular attention to the palms “leaves much to be desired, and as they have failed to adequately treat the infestation of el picudo o el barrenillo de los pinos (the weevil and borer pines), the council is responsible for the death of many trees.”

The Association also warned that the coastal footpath at Cala Capitan still inoperative for the third consecutive year where there is a “very real landslide hazard and risk to users,” although Councillor Alvarez explained that improvements will be address when the summer season ends.
The federation spokesman maintained that the Orihuela Coast “continues to suffer from a huge lack of investment in infrastructure” and that it is necessary to address the pavements and road surfaces in many streets, inadequate lighting ‘and road traffic markings which has not been renewed for many years as a result of which zebra crossings and junctions are invisible with the risks to both pedestrians and to road traffic. “

He also cited the many complaints registered by the association about noise and litter in parks and along promenades, and the insufficient number of police officers, which result in daily criticism from residents.
Similarly he said that the cleaning and better maintenance of approaches to beaches could be improved, while he warned about the poor condition of many footbaths on the beaches themselves and the fact that they are often inoperative.

He also told the councillors about the large amoung of broken glass, plastic and garbage that accumulates in the rocky coastal fronts like Aguamarina.

The councillor for Urban Cleanliness, Noelia Grao, said that since coming to power she has increased the number of cleaning staff working on the beaches by ten people and she is aware that the current PP government wants to find a model of management which will, in future, pay more attention to the needs of residents the coast.

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Medical staff will find themselves under increasing pressure during the summer months

Another major medical union, Convergencia Estatal de Médicos y de Enfermería (CEMSATSE), has criticised the management company at Torrevieja Hospital for what they say is a “total lack of foresight” of the health facility’s planners and Human Resources staff when organising mediacal and nursing cover for the anticipated increase in patients that the hospital will inevitably meet during the holiday period.

Despite the warnings given by their representatives at least thirty beds generally used for unscheduled surgeries have been closed and as such places are currently far more limited than they should be for those many patients who might need to use the facility.

“There would appear to be no contingency plan for increased admissions, nor have additional staff been taken on to cover the most basic needs and few measures that have been taken are both been late and inadequate, with the constant addition and removal of just a handful of beds for convenience”, said a CEMSATSE spokesperson.

The situation is especially demanding in the Maternal and Child units where it is difficult to forecast the number of beds that are needed at any given time.

The union says that its members have warned Human Resources about such a situation on several occasions, where services such as ER, ICU, Internal Medicine, Nephrology and Surgery must be adequately staffed.

They say that they remember the chaos last year when there was no replacement cover made for emergency room staff who were absent on holiday. That situation was further aggravated by staff leave, and lack of cover, in the maternity unit where currently the service is again undermanned despite the additional workload.

On some nights there are as few as 2 doctors, two nurses and an auxiliary, on duty in the Accident and Emergency Department who are unable to deal with all the patients they are expected to treat, particularly when many of them are a life or death situation and in need of surgical resuscitation.

CEMSATSE added that it is only the tolerance of patients and the integrity of the medical professionals that ensures the situation does not spiral completely out of control.

They say that management must urgently take into account their requests so that such demanding situations in the hospital are avoided and the staff can provide the sort of service that the general public deserve and of which the hospital can be proud.

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